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Frequently asked questions on Silkmed Hand Sanitizer

  1. Does the Silkmed Hand Sanitizer protect against swine flu infection?

    Hand disinfection is still the main way to protect against infection. The Silkmed Hand Sanitizer can therefore prevent infection because it eliminates 99.999% of the bacteria, fungi and various viruses on the treated hand surfaces when correctly used.

    Experts in a wide range of interest groups expressly recommend the regular use of disinfectants for the hands, particularly when away from home. This way you successfully kill all foreign pathogenic microbes, experts call these heliobacteria, and prevent the transference and spreading of diseases.

  2. What precautions should be taken with regular use?

    The Silkmed Hand Sanitizer is a clinical disinfectant. It contains a high proportion of ethanol (alcohol), which dries out the skin. Silkmed prevents this by dispensing no conventional, harsh active ingredients; it is made with extracts of camomile, witch hazel flowers and roses instead. All the same, excessive use can cause drying of the skin. If you frequently disinfect your hands with Silkmed (more than 5x daily) you should use hand cream at least once a day.

  3. How much time should be allowed for application?

    The Silkmed Hand Sanitizer works instantly. The antiseptic effect is designed to reduce the skin flora, and naturally all “foreign” pathogenic microbes, as much as possible. After leaving the product to work for 30 seconds or more, you can assume that your hand surfaces are free of pathogenic (illness causing) germs.

  4. How long does treatment with the Silkmed Hand Sanitizer last

    When hands are treated with the Silkmed Hand Sanitizer, the germs on the surfaces are eliminated. Bacteria, fungi and viruses that come into contact with the hand surfaces after treatment will not be neutralised. It is advisable to repeat the application. Hence, the best rule is to disinfect your hands whenever you have that “dirty” feeling…because you never know exactly what you have touched!

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SILKMED in a nut shell

Silkmed is an innovative gel for hygienic hand cleansing without water. It eliminates 99.999% (ninety nine point nine nine nine per cent) of the bacteria, fungi and other viruses on your hand surfaces, all within seconds. Silkmed is made in Switzerland.

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